Maria Herrera nominated Alex M for the ice bucket challenge. that’s at least 3rd nom for you Alex, chopchop!

I’d almost prefer it by this point if this dream just died quietly and let me forget it. 

I don’t think noble Alex will be able to deny a lady her request. :)

had she nominated rinsy, he would’ve done it in 5 seconds


*looks in the mirror*

what the fuck is that

Let’s enjoy this lankiness on a Moto3 bike as long as we can

Let’s enjoy this lankiness on a Moto3 bike as long as we can

Maria Herrera nominated Alex M for the ice bucket challenge. That’s at least the 3rd nom for you Alex, chopchop!


let’s play another tag meme thing! put each word into your tags and see what pops up:


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Jorge is such a sore loser and such a horrible winner! I'd like him more if he couldn't talk...
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I don’t think he is really. He likes a grumble when he feels hard done by, but don’t we all?

Compared to younger Jorge, who wanted to aggressively take on the world and everyone in it, he’s doing very well. His quest for self improvement has worked in that regard.


Plus you’ve gotta have a bit of respect for someone who has tried so hard to make themselves a better person. If I were him I’d be really tempted to just leave all my personality faults be and blame them on being brought up that way like he was, but it takes guts to own up to your problems and make an effort to change. The guy isn’t perfect, but who is?

tbh, anyone looks like a whiner next to Marc. And Jorge.. well.. he’s come really far from what I’ve heard. And the way he said his ‘opinions’, you could see he was a little frustrated, and he gets defensive when asked questions he doesn’t want to answer, but he remained quite calm. But the way he forgot words and grammar you could tell he was a bit agitated. But still happy to finish 2nd after a tough weekend. 

Jorge was, is and will always be a bit of an arse, especially compared to Marc. But he wasn’t been surrounded by great loving and stabilizing people growing up like Marc was, either. And I think that is a major factor. 


do as mama does

Jack Miller annoyed with his fellow riders and making it known very horribly, Brno QP

I’m studying for a work related exam for a maybeperhapspossibly,not happening any time soon-promotion in a company i don’t want to work for any longer than i have to.